your capital your dream
One doesn’t have to look far for inspiration for what this new capital city can offer. Cairo provides a world-city atmosphere of historic significance and local inspiration. Inspiration for the future city will also be drawn from the best civic environments from across the globe.

Vibrant Centre for Recreation

This pedestrian-focused and people-friendly city will have vibrant urban places of mixed-use squares and public plazas. Gardens, public parks and recreation spaces will also bring people together. It will be buzzing with life day and night.

A Catalyst for Egyptian Renaissance

The new capital city will address the pressing issue of population density in urban areas of Northern Egypt. It will help to strengthen and diversify the country’s economic potential by creating new places to live, work and visit.

a new city identity

In order to draw people to this new capital city, a series of key catalyst developments will be established at its core. This will include a new government administrative district, a cultural district and a wide variety of urban neighbourhoods.