your capital your dream
With over 10,000 km of boulevards, avenues and streets, the city will be pedestrian-friendly. It will have vibrant recreational spaces to bring people together. It will be buzzing with life day and night.

Well-planned City

The vision is focused on best practices in design, ecology and culture. The city will have a variety of medium and high-density districts to address the issues of land constraint and population density.

Strategy for Success

This is a rare opportunity for the people of this vibrant nation to create a strategy and a bold vision for a new capital city in Egypt. This is a momentous endeavour to build national spirit, foster consensus and provide for the country’s sustainable long-term growth.

Flexible Framework for the Future

This vision plan offers a set of strategies to guide growth over the next 40 to 50 years. Therefore, it must be flexible enough to adjust to future changes. It calls for a new destination designed to adapt and embrace its natural desert setting.

Boost to National Economy

The commitment of the Egyptian Government to shift significant administrative and service functions to the new city will provide a catalyst for creating synergistic job opportunities for the country’s youth.

Series of Development Projects

In order to draw people to this new capital city, a series of key catalyst developments will be established at its core. This will include a new government administrative district for Egypt, a future city centre district, and a wide variety of new urban neighbourhoods.